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Amidst a constitutional crisis, an independence referendum takes place in Catalonia, Spain. In Saudi Arabia, a decree by King Salman effectively removes a longstanding ban on women driving in the country. Iraqi Kurdistan votes in favour of independence, though the vote is dismissed as unconstitutional by the Iraqi federal government. The CDU/CSU, led by Angela Merkel (pictured), wins the most seats in the German federal election. The National Party, led by Bill English, wins the most seats in the New Zealand general election. Ongoing: Northern Rakhine State clashes Recent deaths: Monty Hall Hugh Hefner Liz Dawn Tony Booth October 2, 2017 (Monday) edit history watch Armed conflict and attacks 2017 Las Vegas Strip shooting Police in Las Vegas are responding to reports of an active shooter near the Mandalay Bay Hotel. (BBC) The Luxor Hotel is placed on lockdown due to a bomb threat. (Express) Health and medicine Nobel Prize The Nobel Prize committee will announce which scientist has won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. (Nobel