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"PeoplesPedia.org" photograph of Earth.
Join the world community with us! The Peoples Encyclopedia.

"The Free People Encyclopedia For the Professional".

PeoplesPedia.org is for the people and it's free. Unlike Wikipedia, you don't have to be someone famous or well-known, you just have to be a professional.

Write an article, tell your story and make your presence know to the world.

The internet is becoming an every increasing part in our lives and the need for a cyber presence is imminent.

Need a CV, online credentials or a bio? PeoplesPedia is for you.

Are you a writer looking for a good place to create good articles about professionals? Just search it and create it!


There is no need to try and sell yourself here, no one will see you until your article is reviewed and published in the Mainpage namespace!
All articles are limited to the User's, talk and sandbox spaces.

Prior to creating your article you will have to create an account. Articles will be protected and can only be edited by the owners of the account. This will help to insure that articles stay accurate and up to date.

Advertising is not allowed on PeoplesPedia and your page must contain a bio, be about you or someone else that is a professional. Articles about companies must include least one individual that works for them. Articles that do not meet PeoplesPedia's criteria will be deleted!

New users, read the Getting Started help files so that you can create great lasting articles.


Account creation has been disabled temporarily. To obtain an User's account, please use the contact us form to request one. Always use an alias username, however avoid multiple characters and numbers. Your real name will be required and your email must be an authentic gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc. Most VPN IP's have been blocked or blacklisted and logging in with them is not permitted.

Before you get started you need to know a few things.
Users can not create or edit in the Main namespaces but they can create their own Userpage's and edit in their sandbox's. Good articles can be submitted for review, if accepted they will be transferred to the Mainpage namespace to be viewed by the world.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Getting started