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Pages are renamed by moving them to new target names. This procedure preserves the page's edit history. Please do not rename a page by copying/pasting its content to a new page name. If you have an account that is at least four days old and have made more than 10 edits (autoconfirmed), you can move a page yourself, but please first review Wikipedia:Article titles. If you still wish to rename the page, go to it, click the drop-down menu at the top (near the History button and Watchlist star), and choose Move. You can then specify a new name for the article. The old page name will automatically become a redirect to the new page. However, if you think the move would be at all controversial you should request the move on the talk page using the Wikipedia:Requested moves process. Even where a move is uncontroversial, if the desired target page name already exists and is other than a redirect with only one edit, you will need an administrator to move the page for you, which can be requested at the technical requests section of requested moves. Hope this helps.