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Join the world community with us! The Peoples Encyclopedia.

The Free People Encyclopedia For The Professional. is for the people and it's free. Unlike Wikipedia, you don't have to be someone famous or well-known, you just have to be a professional.

Write an article, tell your story and make your presence know to the world.

The internet is becoming an every increasing part in our lives and the need for a cyber presence is imminent.

Need a CV, credentials online or a bio? Peoplespedia is for you.

Are you a writer looking for a good place to create good articles? Just search it and create it!

Note: Prior to creating your article you will have to create an account. Articles will be locked and can only be edited by writers with an account. This will help to insure that articles stay accurate and up to date.

To get started, type the name of the article you wish to create in the search engine box and press enter. If the article appears in red typo, it is not created and you are free to create it.

For new users read the Getting Started help files so that you can create great lasting articles.

Maintenance Log

At the moment we are still finishing up coding this Wiki and it's still in beta. Bare with us, we will be ready for release soon!

If you do not see your account or page, don't worry. Our older databases are being backup and your articles and accounts will soon be fully restored.

The visual editor is not connected to the database right now but you can use the edit source wikieditor.

Thank you for your patience!

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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